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Tristan and Eric


Tristan and Eric got married up at Lake Tahoe’s South Shore on a beautiful summer day and because we had seen photos of Tristan’s gorgeous wedding dress, we were a little more anxious than usual. I don’t know why, but like a groom, well like a bride too, we’ve always got some butterflies fluttering around in our stomachs before we shoot a wedding.

I think it’s because a wedding day is such a special event in two peoples lives. In their family and close friends’s lives also and in our lives as well. We know we’re going to feel the excitement and anticipation as soon as we walk into the room where the bride is getting ready and it’s going to wake our butterflies too.


And in this case our butterflies might have spawned, because, as I said above, we were more excited than usual and it started when Tristan came by our deluxe apartment in the sky and showed us pictures of that dress. It was just fabulous and gorgeous and stunning and breathtaking and huge—yes huge, it was wonderfully sort of like something from back in the days when they waltzed at weddings. We really wanted to get it, and Tristan too of course, in front of our cameras.


Tristan and Eric had taken two rooms at the MontBleu Resort Hotel up at Lake Tahoe, which is about a quarter mile from Stateside, that street that runs between Nevada and California. The MontBleu is, of course, on the Nevada side, otherwise they couldn’t have a casino.


Tristan’s room was three floors above Eric’s and it was packed with her family and friends, no guys, when we arrived, all hustling and bustling about, getting ready for the ceremony, which was about three hours away. Her bridesmaids, mother and friends were all doing their hair and makeup.




Usually, after we say a few hellos to the bride, I leave and find the groom, who I spend time with, or maybe I’ll go out and get something to eat, while Vesta photographs the bride getting ready, but it was a suite with a bedroom and two baths, so Tristan was okay with me staying, so I did for awhile and both Vesta and I took pictures of her getting her makeup done. However, I did ride the elevator three or four times down to take photos of photogenic Eric and his crew.


Eric’s room was nice too, and yes Eric had his own room, because he wasn’t going to see his bride till she walked down the aisle, but it couldn’t light a candle compared to Tristan’s suite. Still, the light streaming in the window was gorgeous and Eric and his groomsmen were terrific subjects and I love the way they were able to clown around in front of the camera.







Back in Tristan’s room, if you check out the photo above, where Tristan’s sister is zipping up her dress in front of the suite’s bay window, you can see that much more than gorgeous dress in all it’s glory. And, if you can take your eyes of her dress, you can check out the view below, but who can do that, with such an eye popping dress in the photo?


The sun was shining high in the sky when Tristan’s horse drawn carriage pulled up to her wedding venue in South Lake Tahoe. The venue was right at the end of Stateline, where that street which separates Nevada from California dead ends into the beach.

The horse was gorgeous, but pretty as he was, Tristan’s dress out shown him, the carriage and everything else in sight. It was a fantastic dress, just a wonder to behold and when she got out of that carriage, everybody was kinda in shock. I know I was and I’d seen it before. But to see it like this, in the mountain sun on this cloudless day. Well, even that sun had to take a backseat.


Did I say that dress was stunning, it was. It was a photographer’s dream dress. We couldn’t take enough pictures of her in it. Neither could her guests and neither could the tourists who were walking by when she got out of the carriage. It was like she was a movie star. Every bride should have a dress like Tristan’s on her wedding day.


As she walked to the beach, with me in front and Vesta at her side, shooting away, I could’t help but appreciate this fantastic day. A lot of photographer’s don’t like the bright sun, because it can bring out harsh shadows and if the wedding couple are staring into it, they tend to squint, which combined with those nasty shadows, can make for less than flattering pictures, especially if you try to chase those shadows away with a bright flash.


However, Tristan and Eric were not going to be staring into the bright sun, we knew this, because we always scout out a wedding location the day before and even with the sun mostly at their backs, there was going to be enough reflection coming off the beach sand, that we’d decided to shoot Tristan’s wedding with only natural light and her photos had no harsh shadows. It almost looks like we shot them in a studio.






















Eric, I have to say, was just about the happiest groom I have ever seen. Smiles, smiles, smiles, lit up his face all day. His happiness was so infectious that his groomsmen just reflected those smiles to anyone and everyone around, like light bouncing back from a mirror. And those smiles lit up all the guests. This was one happy crew, let me tell you.


Vesta and I hated to leave the beach when the formal photos were done, because we were having more fun that wedding photographers should be allowed to have.







I’ve mentioned Eric’s infectious smile in my post about his and Tristan’s ceremony and needless to say, that smile went right along with him to their reception, which was held at Lake Tahoe’s MontBleu Hotel. And in my past two posts about their wedding, I waxed and waned about Tristan’s fabulous dress. Well, like it did with the day outside, that dress lit up the reception hall.



As soon as they got to the reception, Tristan and Eric went straight to the dance floor for their first dance and Eric’s smiles and Tristan’s dress were on display for all of their guests to see and for us to photograph. Eric’s smiles—I can’t say enough about them, obviously, just check out them out in our gallery below—really sparkled through the photos.




During the reception, Eric, Tristan, their guests and their photographers too, were serenaded by one of Eric’s groomsmen on the violin. Jeez, I can’t really describe how good he was with that instrument. It brought tears to my eyes. Well, Vesta’s eyes, maybe a bit to mine too.









After the dance, it was time to eat and I have to say that if you live in Reno or up at Tahoe and you’re going to have a lakeside ceremony, you should consider the MontBleu for your reception. First off, I’ve never, never ever, seen friendlier staff people. And secondly, the meal they served was second to none. The MontBleu put on a fabulous dining experience. And they didn’t pack up and go right after the last person in line had his fare. No ma’am, they stayed so anybody who wanted seconds could go back and get them and that was just about everybody, the food was that good.






Of course, there was the cake cutting and the bouquet tossing and the garter getting and the garter tossing and lots of applause and smiling and happy people, but what really stood out for me was the relationship Eric and his brother have with their mother. I took a photo of her and Eric and Eric’s brother came up to me right after and told me how important she’d been in their lives and how, if not for her, their lives might have gone a different, darker way.


He told me how she was a single mom and how she worked two jobs to raise her boys and how she loved them so much and how she never complained, not once. And a few minutes later, Eric came up to me and told me the same thing.


And a bit after that, I was fortunate enough to get a series of photographs of these two handsome young men clowning around with their mom and I think they are some of the heartfelt photos I’ve ever taken.


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