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Ashley and Kevin


Ashley and Kevin got married at their home, which is about halfway between Reno and Carson City. They have an acre of property and the land behind their house was perfect for both the ceremony and the reception.


Ashley had her makeup done at home and her house provides plenty of natural light, so we were able to make photographs inside without a flash and that always makes for more pleasing pictures. Nobody likes the deer in the headlights look you can get when you blast a light in their face.




We think everything a bride does on her wedding day is important and we try to document it all, because that’s what wedding photography is all about, photographing it all.


A bride’s special day is a special day for the flower girl too.








Here are Ashley's flower girls.


We also like to record the groom as he’s getting into his wedding attire or having a toast with his groomsmen. It takes two to make a wedding and we like getting them both on record just as much before the ceremony as we do the the rest of the wedding day.




And here’s the toast. If there is a toast before the ceremony, I’d shoot myself in the foot if I missed recording it. We make a lot of photographs during a wedding, but you can shoot thousands of pictures, however if you failed to take the important ones, like this, then your foot deserves getting shot. I think so anyway.



The above few photographs show Ashley just before she’s going to go out into the sunlight and walk down the aisle. It’ll be the first time Kevin sees her in her wedding dress, the first time her guests will see her dressed in white too.

This is the kind of moment that makes being a wedding photographer such a rewarding job. To be able to make these kinds of photographs, to be lucky enough to be able to capture these kinds of memories, for a photographer, life just doesn’t get any better.



Kevin and Ashley had their wedding ceremony at their home, which is about halfway to Carson City from Reno on Old 395. Their house sits on an acre of beautiful land and from the back of the house they have a beautiful mountain view. So their home was a perfect place to have a their wedding.

However, right after Ashley’s hair and makeup was finished and just before she was going to come out of the house and walk between a row of pickups (she and Kevin are really into their trucks) down to where her guests were going to see her for the first time in her wedding dress, the heaven’s opened up.


And I mean they really opened up. Vesta and I lived in the Caribbean before we moved to Reno and it really rains there, like God turns on a giant faucet and you’re under it. That’s the kind of rain that was pouring over Kevin and Ashley’s house this day.


Fortunately they had the foresight to have tent like coverings over all of the tables in the reception area. Because of that, they stayed pretty dry.


She looked like an angel as she walked between those trucks and her glow grew brighter as she approached her guests and the wedding aisle and up to the wedding arch where her dad gave her away.




The sky was overcast, like God put a great big softbox in the sky, muting the Sun so Ashley could get perfect photos on her wedding day. The bridesmaids were beautiful in purple and the groomsmen, with their western attire were dashing and handsome. And the minister was dressed in black with Wyatt Earp cowboy had and what looked like a Wyatt Earp Colt 45 holstered at his waist.




Ashley’s smile seemed to light up the whole ceremony. She was just so doggone happy. Kevin, in his black cowboy hat was full of smiles as well and the Wyatt Earp minister was full of smiles too. Usually, people getting married are pretty happy, but this couple was over the moon happy. Really over the moon.




When the minister came to the part in the ceremony where he asks the guests if there is anybody present who knows why this couple shouldn’t be married, he pulled that Colt, held it up and looked at the guests as if he just dared anyone to pipe up and there wasn’t a peep.


Though Kevin looks handsome in his hat, he had to remove it right after the minister gave him permission to kiss his bride. But it came right back on after that long kiss.


I said it was a long kiss.


And here they are, man and wife. Even though that sky in the background looks like it’s threatening more rain, no more came and the reception went on as if hadn’t rained earlier, as if it hadn’t rained at all.














And here are Ashley and Kevin posing in front of Ashley's truck, that's Kevin's in the background.








After the ceremony, we went straight to shooting the formal photos, as usual, but since the reception was at the site, the guests went straight to the bar.

Right after the formal photos were finished, Kevin and crew headed toward the bar, where his groomsmen and friends joined him in a toast.

And cigars.

Sometimes, like when a child is born, a good cigar is called for. I think right after you’ve said, “I do,” and you’re as happy as it’s possible to be, a cigar might be in order.


A cool drink or two might be in order as well, or maybe even a swig straight out of the bottle. A wedding reception is joyous occasion and it’s also a party, after all.




And if you’re going to have a party, you need a good place to have it and Kevin and Ashley’s very oversized backyard turned out to be the perfect place.

Here you can see the tent like covering that kept Kevin and Ashley’s guest dry during the downpour which threatened to drown out their wedding. That was one heck of a rainstorm, but the cover held and the wedding went on.






Kevin and Ashley have just cut the cake here and as you can see, Kevin’s got cake all over his face. But it’s okay, because he’s got a beer in hand.


And he looks like he’s the cat who’s just swallowed the canary as he’s giving the thumbs up sign. He is obviously one very happy man. And that’s what wedding receptions are all about, happy people celebrating a happy occasion.

And to make this reception especially happy, Kevin and Ashly had a margarita machine. It was a wonder to behold, that machine was, just put your glass under the spout, push a button and you had instant margarita. That’s a party starter for sure.


Ashley’s wedding dress was beautiful, but maybe it was perhaps a bit to long to wear the whole evening long. But she didn’t have to worry about that, didn’t have to change into something a little more comfortable. All she had to do was unzip the bottom half away and voila, instant cocktail dress.

I had never seen that before and I have to admit that it seems to me to be a pretty good thing, because usually a girl only gets to wear her wedding dress once, however Ashley can wear hers again and again if she wants. How neat is that?


Here is a photograph Vesta made of Ashley with a hint of a rainbow in the background. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Ashley’s wedding almost got rained out, but the rainstorm stopped after about a half hour, leaving the sky overcast and beautiful.

That rainbow only lasted for a few seconds, like it wanted to peek in and check on the reception to see how it was going.


A kiss from her groom just before the first dance. This is about as romantic as a photograph can get.






When the evening came, the sky turned red and if Vesta and I were back onboard that sailboat we used to live on, we’d sleep the sleep of the just, knowing we were going to have a delightful day on the morrow.


However, we were at a reception-slash-party, which lasted well into the evening and we enjoyed every bit of it and, you know what, when we got home, we did sleep the sleep of the just and we did have a delightful day on the morrow.

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