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Lani and Steve

Lani and Steve Square

We did Steve and Lani’s engagement photos by the Truckee River, where it flows through downtown Reno on a blustery windy day and I think that made for great photos, because Lani has such beautiful hair.

Shooting in the wind can be a lot of fun and it can make for dynamic photos. However, I find that I take about twice as many shots as usual, for two reason. Nobody wants a photo of themselves with their hair covering their face and everybody wants photos of themselves with they’re hair blowing in the breeze, as long as it’s attractive.

Steve & Lani 035

So the session inevitably takes a bit longer as I’m trying to get the shots that count, that my subjects will love and treasure. Fortunately, Steve’s hair is short, because as you can well imagine, it’s much harder to get the kind of photos you want on a windy day if both of your subjects have long hair.

Steve & Lani 001

Oftentimes, when I’m doing an engagement shoot in the wind, I’ll have the groom block the wind from his fiance for most of the shots, that way her hair isn’t flying all over the place. And if I’m doing a family shoot, I’ll have the men with short hair block the wind from the rest of the family, but Lani’s hair was thick and beautiful and looks gorgeous flying around her face.

Steve & Lani 007

I’ve also used trees, buildings and walls to block the wind, but never for all of the photos, because I believe the action wind adds to a portrait is priceless. Yes, it takes longer to get the shots sometimes, but it’s well worth it.

Steve & Lani 039

In this case, shooting with Lani and Steve, the winter wind died down about a half hour into the shoot, so we were able to get your average, run of the mill stunning photos of them posing with the beautiful Truckee River in the background and also with always beautiful downtown Reno as well, without the wind blowing Lani’s hair to everywhere and gone again. Still, it’s those photos like the first one above, that I like the best.

Steve & Lani 048

Actually, that first photo of Lani above, just might be my favorite engagement photo ever. She’s just beautiful and she looks so wonderfully happy in this picture that looks like they’re rushing headlong into their future together, without a care in the world.

Steve & Lani 064

Steve & Lani Square

Steve & Lani 015

Steve & Lani 003

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