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Becky and Ian

Ian and Becky Square

We like to do our free engagement sessions in Reno, either by the river downtown or in one of the city’s parks, frankly because it’s a lot easier for us. They take up a good part of our day, so as much as we’d like to, we can’t be driving to Yerrington or Fernley or Northern California to do them.

But other than the travel restrictions we put on our contest winners, our free engagement shoots are exactly the same as our paid shoots.

Ian and Becky 020

We met Becky and Ian at the Java Jungle, which is a coffee shop downtown by the river. It’s a pretty good place to relax and have coffee and we like to frequent small, locally owned places whenever we can.

Ian and Becky 024

If at all possible, we like to do our engagement shoots in the early evening, when the light is so good, but for reasons I don’t know, I scheduled the session for 5:30 in the middle of summer and the sun was still high in the sky.

Ian and Becky 033

We could have taken photos in the bright sun. We do that a lot, because a lot of people get married outside at 4:00 or 5:00 or even earlier, when the sun is out in all its full blown yellow glory. The photos are always fine, but as good as fine is, if they’re taken during that magic golden hour time when the sun is getting ready to set, the can be glorious.

Ian and Becky 032

Or we could have sought shade, so that the sun wouldn’t be in the young couple’s eyes. We do that a lot at San Rafael Park, but they there are a lot of shady, but very photogenic spots there. But there are not so many shaded spots by the river where you can have the river in the background.

Ian and Becky 064

Ian and Becky 079

Or we could stall, take more photos than usual, talk to the couple, get to know them a little bit, drag the shoot out till the sun goes down.

Ian and Becky 088

Ian and Becky 096

Ian and Becky 097

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