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Wendy and Gordon

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Wendy and Gordon wanted their engagement photos taken by the Truckee River, where it flows through downtown Reno. And, of course, we were very pleased with that, because we now live in a deluxe apartment in the sky downtown, right next to the river.

Part of being a wedding photographer is doing the engagement shoot. At least we believe so. Some photographers don’t, but we like doing engagement pictures because it not only gives us a chance to meet the future bride and groom, it also affords us a chance to interact with them. And because of that, we get to know them pretty well and they get to know us and that makes the wedding day run much more smoothly.

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If you’re a future bride, looking for a wedding photographer, I would highly recommend using one who has an engagement shoot in his package. We’ve photographed weddings where we didn’t meet the bride and groom till just before the ceremony and we’ve done weddings where we’ve become good friends with the couple well before their special day.

Knowing the couple, being familiar and comfortable with them is better. Becoming friends with them is better yet.

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