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Tristan and Eric

Tristan and Eric Square

We took Eric and Tristan’s engagement photos in beautiful downtown Reno, by the Truckee River, which is a great backdrop for both an engagement shoot or a trash the dress shoot. Just imagine, if you’re a bride, a photo of you standing in the river, with your white wedding dress flowing all around you.

Tristan and Eric Engagement Photo 101

However, before we went to the river, we had Eric and Tristan up at our deluxe apartment in the sky, where we took some pictures on our balcony. The second shot in this series didn’t come out at all like I expected, well not with the look I was going for anyway. Somewhere during the process of editing this photo, I thought Dr. Zarkov and Dale Ardon.

Tristan and Eric Engagement Photo 102

You know, or maybe you don’t, but I was thinking Dr. Z. and Dale from those 1950’s Flash Gordon films. The futuristic Silver Legacy Dome in the background really helps with that look, I think.

Tristan and Eric Engagement Photo 103

Eric & Tristan 007

Tristan and Eric Engagement Photo 104

What I especially like about the photo above is that it shows how comfortable Tristan and Eric are with each other and how much in love they are.

Vesta here and I'm writing the rest of the words below. Sometimes, I like to do that. Mostly Ken writes the descriptions on our website, but I like to put a word or two in on occasion, so here goes:

I swear, I double down swear, and I usually don’t swear, but I swear, I really do that Eric is the most photogenic man I have ever taken a picture of. He just knows deep down inside when a camera is pointing his way. I’ve taken hundreds of pictures of him since this day, all at his wedding day up at Lake Tahoe and I’m telling you, you cannot surprise this handsome man with a camera.

Tristan and Eric Engagement Photo 106

When we got down to the river, I learned that there is no such thing as a photographer who can catch Eric unaware. When I mentioned this to Tristan, she told me that he was a cage fighter and that he was very used to photographers. Maybe that explains it, I thought. Then I wondered if all cage fighters were so photogenic. But I put that thought out of my mind, because it just wasn’t possible. It couldn’t be, could it?

Eric & Tristan 127a

Eric & Tristan 133a

Eric & Tristan 122

Eric & Tristan 129

Eric isn’t looking at the camera in this photo, where Tristan is smiling like there is no tomorrow, but you can just tell he knows it’s there. That is the mark of a true professional.

Eric & Tristan 135

Tristan and Eric Engagement Photo 108

You probably don’t know this, but those flowers you see hanging off the side of this walking bridge, which crosses the river, are only up during the warm months. I cross that bridge everyday and I never think about them till they’re gone, then I miss them like heck and I always rejoice when they come back, because they herald in the end of the cold weather.

Tristan and Eric Engagement Photo 113

Tristan and Eric Engagement Photo 115

Tristan and Eric Engagement Photo 113

The early evening shots by the river came out great. However, I will admit, when you have beautiful people and perfect light, it’s hard not to take good pictures.

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