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Tara and Tony

Toni & Tara Square

There are a lot of places in Reno where you can do engagement or trash the dress photos or even senior pictures, but of them all, UNR really stands out. The campus is gorgeous, there is a beautiful man made lake there with a fountain and swans. The buildings look very New Englandish (is that even a word?) and the campus is always perfectly manicured.

So when Tony and Tara wanted their engagement pictures taken there, we were delighted. We did them on a Sunday, because the campus is very quite on the Lord’s day. Vesta and I have taken a lotta photos on Sundays there and what’s always surprising to me is that we never see any other photographers there, like we do in the parks or by the river.

It can’t be our secret, that campus. It’s big. Everybody in Reno knows it’s there. Ah well, it’s great having the campus all to ourselves and the couple we’re shooting.

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