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Serena and Scott

Scott & Serena Square

We did this shoot of Scott and Serena in Reno’s beautiful Idlewild Park, which is gorgeous all year round. It was winter and the ground was covered with day old snow, which was beautiful.

Scott is a very handsome man and Serena is beautiful and right away I knew they were candidates for “the smize” as Tara Banks calls it, or “the look” as Ken calls it, that look where you smile with your eyes, but not your mouth. You know, the look you see in all the movie magazines.

Scott & Serena, Canon 074 Square

And they were. We got a few excellent shots of them on a bench in the snow, heating up our lenses with that look. They could have come straight out of a James Bond movie poster. If you’d like to see more of them with the smize on their faces you can follow this blue link.

They both have lovely smiles, so of course we took a lot of photos with them showing off their pearly whites. It was an engagement session after all and you’re supposed to have happy photos to reflect the occasion.

Scott & Serena, Canon 053 Square pp

Scott & Serena, Canon 038 Square

Scott & Serena Canon 081 Square

The Truckee River flows right past the park and it would have been silly not to take advantage of that and I really like the shots of this happy couple by it. Summer, spring, winter or fall, the beautiful Truckee makes a perfect backdrop for engagement photos. Actually, I can’t imagine a photographer from Reno or from anywhere else for that matter, who wouldn’t like this river in his or her photos. I know I love it in mine.

Scott & Serena, Olympus 075

Scott & Serena, Olympus 087 pp Square

Scott & Serena, Canon 127 Square

Scott & Serena, Canon 139 Square pp

Scott & Serena, Canon 011a

Scott & Serena, Olympus 080

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