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Samantha and Ryan

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Though they live in Fernley, Sam and Ryan drove to Reno to have us do their engagement shoot in San Rafael Park. They’d already hired us to do their wedding, so we’d’ve driven to Fernley for the shoot, but they wanted San Rafael and we were glad to oblige.

Sam is beautiful and Ryan is for sure a handsome man. They make a gorgeous couple and I enjoyed taking their photos more than I can say. And their wedding was fabulous. The food was great, even the cake. You’d be surprised how many times I’ve eaten wedding cake I didn’t like. The cake’s supposed to taste good too, you know, not be dry or stale. That’s what I think anyway.

The sun was shining during the shoot in the park, but I had one of my trusty umbrellas with me. I’ve got a dozen or so because a girl can’t have the same umbrella in all her photos. I haunt the thrifts looking for props and colorful umbrellas. The people at the Goodwill must think I’m a crazy lady with all the strange stuff I buy. But they’ve never asked what I do with it. And they don’t look at me too funny anymore.

We were living by the park when we did this shoot and sometimes I miss having our back gate opening into it, but then I think of all the fun we have living downtown and I smile. However, I still run in the park at least twice a week, so I’m not completely divorced from it and besides, we still shoot in it a lot.

During this session I was really taken with the look in Ryan’s eyes whenever he looked at Sam. It was obvious as all get out that this was a man in love.

I can’t help but think how lucky we are that we have the kind of job we do. We get to spend so much time with young people who love each other. Oh, I know people who have been married a long time love each other, but young love is stronger because it’s got sort of a hunger tied up with it. A good kind of hunger. Sam and Ryan have that hunger for each other.

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