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Samantha and James

James and Samantha Square

We do a lot of engagement sessions at San Rafael Park, not only because it’s a gorgeous place to take photos, but because we know every licking, sticking inch of that park. We can do good work there any time of year. You see, our back gate used to open up into the park, so it was never closed to us.

We’re runners, so we were in the park every day, unless, of course, there were almost blizzard conditions outside.

We’ve since moved to a deluxe apartment in the sky in beautiful downtown Reno, but it’s only a five minute drive from the park, so we still go there to run and we still go there for engagement photos. It’s also a great wedding venue, so if you’re a bride looking for a place to tie the knot, you could do a whole lot worse than San Rafael.

Samantha and James were a fun couple to shoot and we could tell right from the get go that their’s was a marriage that was going to last. And James was a good sport about me calling him Opie. Well, he does look an awful lot like Ron Howard.

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