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Renee and Matt

Matt and Renee Square

I talked to Renee on the phone before we drove up to the Galena Fish Hatcher—which I guess is really called the Galena Creek Park, but nobody I know calls it that—and she said she wanted us to bring a sample of our wedding albums, because she was going to want one.

I told Ken and we were both feeling pretty good. They were going to hire us before they even saw their engagement photos. That’s happened before, but it’s always a wonderful feeling.

We got to the Hatchery about an hour early, because it’s beautiful up there and Ken wanted to wander around and take photos. Jeez, if he’s not shoot people, he’s out shooting trees. They were pretty tree tough, I must admit, so I would up taking pictures of them too. And the creek and everything else up there.

By the time Renee and Matt showed up, we knew every inch of the place. Of course, it wasn’t the first time we’d been there and we knew it wouldn’t be the last. But this time we knew where the snow might be too slippery to walk on and where the best place to take people photos at 5:30 in the evening would be.

Matt & Renee 009

After we were finished shooting, we went to the car to show her our albums, but before we could do that, she told us her wedding date and I almost fainted. We were already booked. For the life of me, I don’t know why I didn’t ask her for the date when we talked, I guess I just for got. I was crestfallen and I could see Renee was too. It was so sad.

Matt & Renee 015

Still, we got to meet them and they were very nice people and meeting them and shooting with them was a lot of fun. Sometimes you just have to take that silver lining wherever you find it. I know I do.

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