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Melissa and Pat

We just love it when a couple wants to have their photos taken by the Truckee River, where it gushes through downtown Reno, without any prompting from us.

We met Melissa and Pat at Java Jungle, Reno’s local and independent coffee shop by the river and they showed up full of smiles. They brought a change of clothes and wanted to know if that was okay. Of course, it’s okay, I told them. I only wish more people did that, because that way all of the photos don’t look like they were taken at the same time. Besides, you may have more than one favorite shirt or blouse and you should be able to have both of them in your engagement photos.

They started out like Johnny Cash, dressed in black, which is a good color and it really showed of their pearly whites, which they flashed and flashed and flashed. This was one very happy couple as you can clearly see from the few I’ve posted here.

I really like how they we’re into playful poses like the one above and below. And, you know, it seems like the river is a perfect place for those kind of whimsical photos.

But whimsical or not the river makes a beautiful backdrop anytime of the year for engagement or senior photos or for any other kind of photos for that matter. And it’s also true that we can see it from our window, so we really like shooting there, because we can walk to work.

Pat & Melissa 061

After shooting at several places by the river, Melissa and Pat changed into white, so now his shirt and her blouse were competing with those bright smiles, but the smiles won, hands down.

Pat & Melissa 090

Pat & Melissa 077

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