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Melissa and Forest

Melissa and Forest live up at Lake Tahoe, so we thought we'd turn it into kind of a holiday. We'd do the shoot, which was up near Incline Village, then wel'ddrive down to South Lake Tahoe and have lunch somewhere.

And that’s what we did.

Forest and Melissa's Engagement Photos 001a

But first we did the shoot. Melissa and Forest had this great dog, whose name, I’m ashamed to say, I don’t remember, but he was very photogenic. And unlike a lot of dogs we’ve photographed, this one seemed to like being photographed. He was almost like a little kid that way.

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Forest and Melissa's Engagement Photos 092

Forest and Melissa's Engagement Photos 084

Forest and Melissa's Engagement Photos 046a

On this day, the weather was absolutely perfect. We had the Rolling Stones on the stereo on the drive up. We met some nice people. Did good photos. Had some fun with the dog and we got to see the lake too. When you think about it, it’s hard for a day to get any better than that.

And on the way around the lake, Mick sang this lyric on our stereo. “Honey, is there anyplace that’d you’d like to be.” And I thought, no there isn’t. This is where I want be, in this car, right now, driving around this lake. I love Lake Tahoe. I love my job. And I love my life. Oh yeah, and Ken too. I love him.

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