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Liz and Joe

Liz and Joe Square

Looking at these photos from Liz and Joe’s Engagement Session, I’m struck by the fact that they’re so darned young. So young that I wanna grab ‘em and shake ’em and scream, “You’re too young to get married!”

But then they’re lots older then Vesta and I were. She was eighteen, me a year older, well not even a year. Talking to them it’s easy to see they’ve got their shit way more together then we did. Shit, we didn’t even know what shit was

Doing what we do, we get to meet lots of people who plan to spend the rest of their lives together. Sometimes the couples don’t seem suited for each other. Sometimes, on the rare occasion to be sure, it’s really scary and we wonder how this or that couple ever hooked up, how they can even live on the same planet together, much less the same house.

Liz & Joe 081a

And then there’s the time, and it happens more often then not, when a couple just seems perfect together. And sometimes they seem really perfect and we just know fifty years from now, they’re still gonna be eating at the same breakfast table.

Liz & Joe 059

Dinner too, can’t forget that. Fifty years from now, if man is still alive, Liz and Joe will still be together. I’d bet my tractor on that.

Liz & Joe 070

The sun sets earlier in Northern Nevada in the wintertime and since we didn’t get started till 5:30, we had to shoot kind’ve fast. It wasn’t a problem though, because it was kind’ve cold. In face it started snowing while we were shooting.

Liz & Joe 069

That wasn’t a problem for Liz and Joe, because they’re obviously smarter than us, they wore heavy coats. Coats which looked like they’d keep you snugly warm in a blizzard.

Liz & Joe 028

At first I thought the snow was going to ruin our photo shoot and I wondered if we should reschedule, but we were all ready there and Liz and Joe didn’t seem to mind, in fact it seemed like they kind of liked it so we kept on.

Liz & Joe 118

And it’s good we didn’t stop, because after about fifteen minutes or so the snow stopped and we got some great photos. But how could we not with that overcast sky acting like a giant softbox in the sky. And even the photos with the snow coming down looked wonderful.

Liz & Joe 120

Liz & Joe 122

Liz & Joe 129

Liz & Joe 024a

Liz & Joe 132

Liz & Joe 142

Liz & Joe 008

Liz & Joe 005

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