Lindsay and Damon | — Vesta Irene —

Lindsay and Damon

Damon and Lindsay Square

We took these engagement photos of Damon and Lindsay at the Truckee River, where it flows through downtown Reno. No matter the time of year, spring, summer, fall or winter the Truckee River makes for a gorgeous backdrop.

These photos were taken midwinter, so it was very cold, even though there was no snow. The bride and groom to be were troopers, because they had to be cold to the bone. I know I was and I was wearing a warm sweater under a warmer coat. Vesta was bundled up too.

Damon & Lindsay 101a

They coulda been bundled up and cozy warm too. Those woulda made for good photos as well. Ah well, these photos turned out the way we wanted. You can’t even tell they’re cold.

Damon & Lindsay 119

Damon & Lindsay 125

Damon & Lindsay 142

Damon & Lindsay 191a

Damon & Lindsay 186a

Damon & Lindsay 189a

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