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Laura and Jade

Laura and Jade Square

Laura and Jade wanted their engagement photos taken at Sand Harbor, up at Lake Tahoe, a place where Ken and I love to shoot, because it’s beautiful there every time of the year. We were scheduled to meet up with them at 6:00, but we got there an hour early, because we just like the place so much and can never seem to get enough of it.

We like to wander around there and take pictures of each other and the lake and those eerie rocks that looked like they were dropped there from another world.

Laura and Jade 008

Laura and Jade 064

Laura and Jade Engagement Photo 102

We always tell people they can bring a couple changes of clothes if they like, so that their photos can have sort of a different feel to them. And besides, you might have a couple favorite shirts or blouses or whatever that you’d like to be photographed in. Most people don’t, however. Jade and Laura did.

Laura and Jade Engagement Photo 103

Right from the start we could see they were going to be easy and fun to shoot. They took direction very well and were eager to please and that always makes for good photography. They looked just like the young lovers they were in all of the photo. Especially the ones with the lake in the background.

Laura and Jade 035

Laura and Jade 153

Laura and Jade 081

Laura and Jade 021

About a half hour into the shoot, Laura told us that she and Jade had been practicing the scene from Dirty Dancing, where Jennifer Grey is lifted in the air by Patrick Swayze during the song, “The Time of Our Lives.” And she waned to know, could we photograph them doing that.

Laura and Jade 086

Of course, I said yes. Ken and I are always, always, always, looking for new and different kinds of photos for our engagement sessions. Laura had scouted out a place that looked good. We had to cross from one side of Sand Harbor to the other via a wooden walkway bridge type affair, then there was an embankment you had to go down to get to the beach.

Laura and Jade 022

Vesta here again: We went down with Jade and Laura, but Ken wanted to shoot down at them as Laura made her run into Jade’s arms. However, as soon as the finished her first attempt, he decided he wanted to be at the beach with us. So he charged down the embankment, which wasn’t such a good idea, because he lost his balance, stumbled and was about to fall.

Laura and Jade 025

But he couldn’t allow himself to fall, because had two cameras, one in his hand the other over a shoulder, so he started going, faster and faster and faster, stumbling down that embankment, throwing his legs in front of himself again and again and again and with each running step it looked like he was going to go down. Sadly, it was comical and we couldn’t help laughing as he charged down onto the beach sand.

Laura and Jade Engagement Photo 101

He made it without falling and that was nothing short of a miracle. Then Laura started her second run and Jade caught her.

Laura and Jade 165

We did several more photos after that and when we were finished, Jade asked if we were free on their wedding day and I said we were. Then he asked if we’d mind going to North Dakota, because that’s where they were getting married.

And, of course, we said we'd love to go. And we did. And wouldn’t know it, at their reception, they did the Dirty Dancing lift again.

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