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Laura and Greg

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Laura and Greg wanted their engagement shoot done at UNR, because they both graduated from there and they’re both teachers, so they’re into education and because of that, UNR was perfect for them. Perfect for us too, because it’s a beautiful campus and we shoot there a lot, so we’re very familiar with it.

We like doing engagement shoots and we think every couple who is going to have a wedding, should have one done, especially, actually doubly especially, if they’re going to hire a wedding photographer, because it gives you a good chance to get to know him or her before your wedding and it’s just possible—remotely in Reno, because most of the wedding photographers you may meet at the bridal expos here are very good and very easy to get along with.


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Also, by having an engagement shoot, you get a chance to see how a photographer photographs you and what you look like in his or her photos is probably how you’re going to look in them on your wedding day, so if you don’t like them, you get a chance to bail and check out someone else.

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A few brides like to have whoever is going to do their makeup on their wedding day, do it before their engagement shoot, so they can see how it’s going to photograph. I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not, but some future brides like doing it.

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Laura and Greg looked pretty natural during their shoot. They brought a couple outfits so that all the photos wouldn’t look like they were taken at the same time and that’s a good idea, one that we’re fine with.

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Greg wore this Captain America shirt during some of the photos and Ken liked it so much that that evening we went to Old Navy so he could get one, but they were out. Ken likes blue. He doesn’t like red so much, hardly ever wears it. But they had a Flash shirt with that lightning bolt and I talked him into getting that, because after all, he’d come for a super hero tee shirt, so he should leave with one. And you know what? He wears it all the time.

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