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Kimber and Dana

Kimber and Dana chose the Truckee River in the early evening as the place and time for their engagement photos, which turned out to be the perfect location for both them and us.

Kimber and Dana Square

Them, because the river and the evening light always conspire to make young and happily engaged people look stunning and us, because we only live a few steps away from where the river flows through beautiful Downtown Reno.

Dana and Kimber 061by Vesta Irene

Sometimes it’s awkward when we first meet a couple and sometimes everything just clicks and they are as relaxed with us and our cameras pointing at their faces as if we weren’t there at all. Dana and Kimber fall into the second category. They are the kind of people wedding photographer’s dream about, perfectly relaxed in front of a camera, easy going and easy to direct and the photos below show that.

Dana and Kimber 019 by Vesta Irene

One nice thing about Reno is all the places where we can take engagement or even trash the dress photos. Reno is packed with beautiful locations which are easy to get to. San Rafael Park, Idlewild Park, Rock Park in Sparks, UNR and so many more parks and places.

Dana and Kimber 088 by Vesta Irene

Even just walking around downtown in the early morning or at sunset we can get gorgeous photos. It’s like Reno is a photographer’s version of Heaven.

Dana & Kimber 023a

Dana & Kimber 028 Square

Dana & Kimber 020a

Dana & Kimber 001a

Dana & Kimber 010

Dana & Kimber 044

Dana and Kimber 098 by Vesta Irene

Dana & Kimber 046a Square

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