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Kim and Dan

In this portrait, Kim and Dan are looking happy in San Rafael Park.

In the above photo Kim and Dan are looking good in San Rafael Park. We do a lot of engagement photos there, because the park is so beautiful all year round, from the snowy winter to the colorful summers, you can always count on Rancho San Rafael to deliver gorgeous backgrounds.

In this portrait, Kim and Dan are smiling in the studio. They look very happy.

If at all possible Vesta and I like to take some portrait shots, before heading out to the location we’ve decided on for the engagement shoot, because doing the in studio portraits gives us a chance to get to know the couple and them us. Usually, by the time we’re done with the portrait session, whatever apprehension one of both of them may have felt about being in front of a camera has melted away.

And if we go on to photograph their wedding in the future by the time we’re done with the lifestyle part of the engagement shoot, we’re almost like family. At least that’s what we strive for, because then, when the bride is full of butterflies on her special day, we are, at least, one thing she doesn’t have to worry about.

Dan is looking very proud in this portrait.

We always try to do a portrait of both the future bride and groom, because, well, because I don’t know why. I suppose it’s because I’ve long had a love affair with the human face. Some photographers prefer sunrises and sunsets and I’ve photographed my share of those. Some prefer the world of the small, insects and such. Others photograph birds to their heart’s content and me, I just love faces. They say so much.

For example, I’m seeing a proud and happy man in the above portrait.

Kim is smiling like she is very happy in this photograph.

Kim seems so happy and sure of herself in this portrait and I confess when I made this photograph, I was thinking black and white and I did process it that way, but I liked the color version better. However, Vesta and I delivered both versions. We do that a lot, deliver more than one version of a photograph.

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