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Kari and Joe

Kari and Joe Square

Because we live in downtown and because the Truckee River flows right through downtown Reno and because it’s so beautiful near sundown, we really like doing our free engagement shoots there. It’s not so much work for us, because we don’t have to travel and the photos always come out gorgeous.

We met Kari and Joe by the river at just the right time and we started shooting straightaway. Usually, we have coffee first at Java Jungle, because Ken’s an addict. He loves coffee, drinks it all day long. I don’t know how he sleeps at night, but somehow he manages.

We like doing photos with water in the background and there are a lot of places in Reno that fit that bill. Of course, if you don’t like water, we don’t have to have it.

Kari and Joe 222

But this day, Ken didn’t get his Java Jungle coffee, because the light was so perfect as you can see with the colors behind Kari and Joe, which just seem to dance around this beautiful couple.

Photos taken around sundown, as you can see by the gorgeous colors in the water, always come out great. There is nothing that will make a bride’s pictures more beautiful then photos taken as the sun is going down.

If you’re having an outside wedding and want simply outstanding wedding photos, try to time your ceremony to around sundown. If you do that, no matter who your photographer is, you’ll make him or her look better than they are. No matter how good they are, that old setting sun will make them look better. It really will.

Kari and Joe 010

Kari and Joe 032

Kari and Joe 027

Kari and Joe 025

Kari and Joe Engagement Photograph

I really like this photo of Joe kissing Kari’s hand. It’s so romantic. Sometimes, guys aren’t into the romantic aspect of an engagement shoot. One time, we had a groom to be who just stood like a wooden log through about a hundred photos, before we managed to loosen him up and get him to look like the happy, romantic, guy every bride to be deserves in her engagement photos. We just kept shooting till he started smiling and hugging. We discarded those first hundred shots and delivered photos the couple could treasure forever. I like to think so anyway, you know, that they’ll treasure them forever.

Kari and Joe 111a

Although I prefer smiles, smiles and more smiles in my photographs, especially engagement photos, Ken likes to get a few with that serious look. Sort’ve what Tara Banks calls the smize, where you smile with your eyes, but not your mouth. And that’s what Kari and Joe are doing in the above photo. Yes, I kind’ve agree, it’s a good look and maybe all the photos shouldn’t bee the same. Still, give me the smiles.

Kari and Joe 220a

Kari and Joe 225a

Kari and Joe 216a

We are wedding photographers and part of our job is doing engagement photos and we really love doing them, mostly I think because this is a very happy time in couples lives. They’ve got their whole future together ahead of them. Put that together and it all just makes for the kind of people I really like taking photographs of. We’ve never met a couple we didn’t like.

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