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Jamie and Jared

Jamie and Jerad wanted their engagement shoot done on Jerad’s horse and since we’re always happy to oblige, photography wise, we went to Home Depot and bought a little stepladder, so I wouldn’t have to be shooting up at them.

Jamie and Jared Square

As a side note, that thirty-dollar step ladder wound up being free, because when we checked out, the cashier told us we could have thirty dollars off our purchase, if we signed up for a Home Depot credit card. We did and we left with our stepladder. What a deal.

Jamie and Jerad 013 by Vesta Irene

Jamie and Jerad 003 by Vesta Irene

Jamie & Jerad 009

We did the photos on his horse, then did some more with their dogs and I got to thinking, they got stables and horses and I wondered if they had a pitchfork, because I was thinking about that American Gothic painting by Grand Wood.

Jamie & Jerad 038

So, I was wonding if they'd be okay with me asking about a pitchfork.

Jamie & Jerad 038 Square

So I asked and sure enough they had one and you can see our interpretation of Mr. Wood’s painting and after that you can see our interpretation of it below.

American Gothic Painting

Okay, Jamie is sitting. We had the chair and it looked like it would fit in with the concept, so we used it.

Jamie and Jerad American Gothic

On another side note, I’ve always wanted to shoot a bride coming down the aisle on a horse. That, to me, would be a wedding photographer’s dream wedding.

I’ve also dreamed of doing an underwater wedding, with the bride, groom, minister and me and Vesta too in scuba gear, but Reno’s kind of far from the ocean. We’ll have to wait till we move to Hawaii for that.

But a lot of people have horses in the Reno area, so maybe Vesta and I will get lucky one day and finally be able to shoot an equine wedding. It could happen. And if it did, that would be something.

Jamie and Jerad 065 by Vesta Irene

Jamie & Jerad 068a

Jamie & Jerad 072

Vesta here: Sometimes I get to say a few words about some of our photos and this is one of them. Below, we've put a couple more photos from Ken's Grant Wood look.

Jamie and Jerad 083 by Vesta Irene

This one is in a sepia, like the one a few photos above and it's in landscape and it's my favorite of all the shots that we did. The version below is in black and white and it's Ken's runner up, so I thought we should put it here too.

Jamie & Jerad 128z

It was close to Christmas when we did this engagement shoot, so we decided to do some Christmas photos as well and they came out great, because the backdrop of Jared’s parent’s place was just perfect for a young couple with candy canes.

Jamie and Jerad 076 by Vesta Irene

“I think we got some killer photos,” Ken said on the ride home. He was very happy about both the horse shots and especially the pitchfork ones. I could tell that he was itching to get on his computer, which is where he went with these photos the second we walked in the door.

“I know they said they were getting married up at Lake Tahoe,” he said, “but it would be awful nice if they got married at their parents, you know, on that horse.”

“That’s not gonna happen,” I said. “Besides, you love the lake.”

“Think they could bring the horse up to the lake?”

“In your dreams.”

“I could photoshop them on it with the lake in the background.”

“Oh stop.”

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