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Dorothy and James

Dorothy and James wanted their engagement photos taken in Reno’s Rancho San Rafael Park, which was ideal for us, as at the time our back gate opened into the park. Because of that, we know every inch of the place and it’s a beautiful place to take photos. Especially engagement photos.

Dorothy and James Square

Even when there are no leaves on the tree, San Rafael offers several good spots for pictures, but in the spring, when the leaves are green, as they were for James and Dorothy’s photos, the park becomes a wedding photographer’s dream as the opportunities for perfect pictures abound.

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Many people get married at San Rafael Park and I can’t tell you how many brides Vesta and I have see tossing bouquets as we’ve wandered around the park. There are a lot of wedding venues out there which cost a lot more than having your wedding at Rancho, but there are not many which are prettier inthe spring, summer or fall.

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