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Dani and Nick

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Dani and Nick wanted their engagement shoot done by the Truckee River, where if flows through downtown Reno and that was great for us, because we live a stone’s throw away. As usual, when we shoot downtown, we met at Java Jungle for coffee. And when they asked us if we could do their wedding, I checked my calendar and we were already booked. I hate it when that happens, hate it, hate it, hate it. But that’s something all wedding photographers have to live with, part of our lot in life.

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We meet two or three hundred brides when we do a wedding show in Reno and we do two or three a year. And sadly, most couples get married on a Saturday and double sadly, there are only about thirty of those Saturdays most people want to get married on.

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So we do wind up having to turn about as many wedding away every year as we shoot and like I said above, I just hate having to do that. We’ve thought about splitting up and each doing a wedding alone, but we killed that idea, because one of the main reasons couples hire us to do their wedding is because they’re two shooters and thus two different points of view.

It just wouldn’t be fair to the couple who hired us if we split up. We’re a team. We’ve been shooting together for years and that’s the way we’re going to keep on going.

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However, even though we had to turn down their wedding, we are Facebook friends with Dani and we have seen and liked the wedding photos she’s posted. And I’d like to say here, the wedding photographers in Reno all get along and if you want to hire us and we’re already booked, we will be glad to recommend two or three or four other photographers for you to check out.

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