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Britnie and Anthony

Britnie and Anthony Square

Anthony and Britnie wanted their engagement photos taken in Medford, Oregon and since we used to live there and since we still do a lot of shoot there, it certainly wasn’t an inconvenience. In fact, it was a pleasure.

These photos were taken in Bear Creek Park, which is awful darn green. It rains a lot there. However, it wasn’t raining on this day and we got great photos of the future bride and groom. Vesta especially liked how Anthony recreated his proposal.

Britnie 008 Square

Gorgeous young couples are a wedding photographer’s dream and these two certainly fill that bill. Actually, it’s hard to find a bride to be who isn’t gorgeous. There is something about planning her wedding day which brings out the very best in a future bride. I think it’s because they’re just so darned happy. They smile, their eyes twinkle and they’re so full of life. And that makes them a joy to photograph.

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