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Britney and Rigo

Britney and Rigo Square

Britney and Rigo are a great couple and we did their engagement session in two shoots.. We had fun during both and we enjoyed the heck out of their wedding. The officiant was a friend, who got his license online and right after the kiss, when the officiant presents the newly married couple to the family and friends who have gathered for the wedding he said, “By the authority given to me by God, the State of California and the internet, I present Rigo and Britney, who are now man and wife.”

Everybody cracked up when he said, “and the internet.”

To this day, Brit and Rigo are our very good friends. In fact, Rigo caught the photography bug and he’s now a wedding photographer himself and he’s a very good one, who is giving the photographers in Southern California a run for their money.

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