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Ashley and Kyle

Ashley and Kyle Square

Fall was still in the air when we took Kyle & Ashley’s engagement photos at Reno’s Idlewild Park. If you live in Reno and want gorgeous photos of yourself, yourself with your family or with your bride or groom to be, consider Idlewild park.

There are plenty of places in the park which present a plethora of pleasing photographic backgrounds (that’s a stupid sentence, sorry).

Kyle & Ashley 011

Engagement photos are a good way for a photographer to get to know and establish a good working relationship with the happy couple before their wedding day. Also, the better the photos, the more comfortable a future bride is to feel about her photographer, so a place like Idlewild is ideal for both photographer and bride. Oh yeah and the groom too.

Kyle & Ashley 027

Kyle & Ashley 038 Square

Kyle & Ashley 023

Kyle & Ashley 022

Kyle & Ashley 072a

Kyle & Ashley 067 Square

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Kyle & Ashley 021a

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