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Ashley and Kevin

If you’ve been going through our photos, you know that we’ve taken a lot of them in Rancho San Rafael Park. There are two reasons for that. Our back gate used to open up into the park and a lot of brides pick the park as their first choice for where they want their engagement photos taken.

Kevin and Ashley Square

We have a car and we know how to drive. We’ve done engagement shoots in Lake Tahoe and Fallon and Fernely and all over California. We like driving and unless we have to stay overnight, cuz you want your photos taken way far away, we don’t charge for travel, because our little Yaris gets thirty-five miles to the gallon.

But still brides, even ones who live in Carson City, which is closer to Sand Harbor than San Rafael, pick the park. They seem to like it, the brides. We like it too, we’re runners and we run in the park almost every day. We know it inside out, so getting great photos there is dead easy for us.

Kevin & Ashley 020z

Kevin and Ashley wanted a western them for their shoot and I think the Park was a pretty good backdrop for that. Their clothes and hats helped. And their dog was simply great.

Kevin & Ashley 010

Vesta here and I'll be writing the rest of the words Below:

It seems there are as many sides to San Rafael Park as there are to Reno. Ashley and Kevin wanted sort of a western theme for their engagement shoot, probably because that hat never comes off Kevin’s head, and the Park was glad to accommodate.

Kevin & Ashley 122

Actually though, with their amazing hats, just about anywhere in Reno could qualify as a western themed background. But I think the wooden fence behind the future bride and groom really ads to the theme they wanted.

We do process a lot of photos in black and white. Ken has software that emulates all of the film he used to use, but for this photo he was going for the look you see on those old black and white westerns you see on the TV Land cable channel.

Kevin & Ashley 016 by Vesta Irene

Of course, Herman’s Pond, which Ken insists is a lake and not a pond, is the perfect backdrop for any kind of photo at all, especially engagement photos. It’s like it was built for couples in love.

Kevin & Ashley 071

Kevin & Ashley 124

Kevin & Ashley 022 Square

Kevin & Ashley 112

Kevin & Ashley 101

Kevin & Ashley 019 by Vesta Irene

Ashley and Kevin brought Allie the Dog along for their engagement shoot, and here she is, looking happy as only a dog could, who is hanging out with the people who love her and who she loves back.

Ashley and Kevin and Allie the dog Square

Ashley wanted some photos of her and Kevin among the fallen leaves, but Allie wanted in the photo too and you have to admit, she’s really rocking this picture. Yeah, Allie’s the star of the show in this one.

Kevin & Ashley 026 by Vesta Irene

As a wedding photographer, there is nothing I like better than a photograph of young lovers kissing like they mean it. Here, among the reeds, they look like they mean it.

This session went on longer than usual, because we were really enjoying ourselves. But because we started a little late, it started to get dark. Why that old sun wouldn’t hang around just a few more minutes to satisfy us, I just don’t know.

Kevin & Ashley 150 by Vesta Irene

It’s always nice when an engagement shoot turns into a wedding, like this one did. They had a great wedding, which started, like it might not get started, but it poured rain just before Ashley was to head outside and down the aisle, but it stopped after about a half hour or so, leaving an absolutely sky. What a great day.

But back to this photo. We wanted to do one where they were walking away, but Allie wouldn’t play. She wanted to look at the camera. What a ham!

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